Police Procedure Expert Witness

The Nation’s Leading Police Procedures and Police Use of Force Expert Witness

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe is one of the top police procedures and use of force expert witnesses in the United States.  Mr. DeFoe has been retained on hundreds of police matters for both the defense and plaintiff throughout the United States and has qualified as an expert witness in both state and federal court in several states on police procedures and the use of non-lethal and lethal force.  

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe can assist you in the initial evaluation of your case, as well as through all stages of your matter to include the request for production of documents, deposition preparation, and trial preparation.  Mr. DeFoe will provide a comprehensive review of your matter that includes the officer’s response, communication, tactics, use of less than lethal force, use of lethal force, along with agency and department response.

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe and his company On-Scene Consulting & Investigations Group is here to assist you throughout the process. Mr. DeFoe leverages his extensive law enforcement experience and his experience as a police and use of force expert witness in the below-listed areas:


To get an initial free evaluation of your case, or if you are considering taking a case and want expert advice, please contact Mr. Scott A. DeFoe.