Security Expert Witness

The Nation's Leading Security Expert Witness.

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe is one of the top security expert witnesses in the United States.  Mr. DeFoe has been retained by both the defense and plaintiff on premises liability matters involving all facets of security deployment, training, staffing, use of force, foreseeability and licensing throughout the United States. 

Mr. DeFoe can assist you in the initial evaluation of your case as well as through all stages of your matter to include the request for production of documents, deposition preparation, and trial preparation.  Mr. DeFoe can explain the security standards, training, deployment, de-escalation and defusion techniques. Mr. DeFoe is also able to testify as a police use of force expert witness, meaning he can evaluate the appropriateness of the use of force implemented by security personnel in a myriad of environments to include: bars and nightclubs, residential communities, commercial properties, sporting events, and concerts.   

Mr. DeFoe and his company On-Scene Consulting & Investigations Group is here to assist you throughout the entire legal process.

After an outstanding career with the Los Angeles Police Department, as a licensed private investigator, Mr. Scott A. DeFoe held several high-level security positions to include the Vice President of Security and Director of Security for hundreds of developments and projected developments.  Mr. DeFoe has conducted numerous risk and vulnerability assessments throughout the United States.

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe leverages this extensive law enforcement and private security experience to assist defense and plaintiff’s attorneys in the below-listed areas:


To get an initial free evaluation of your case or if you are  considering taking a case and want expert insight and advice, please contact Mr. Scott A. DeFoe.  After you complete the form, Mr. DeFoe will personally contact you to confidentially discuss your matter and possible next steps.