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On-Scene Consulting and Investigations Group provides comprehensive private investigations throughout the United States.  On-Scene’s founder, Mr. Scott A. DeFoe had an outstanding career with the Los Angeles Police Department. As a Detective and Sergeant, he was assigned to various divisions, including Gangs, Narcotics, Vice, Internal Affairs, K9 and SWAT.  Mr. DeFoe established and maintained relationships with Special Agents and Investigators from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Drug Enforcement Administration, Department of Homeland Security and the Secret Service.  In addition, Mr. DeFoe has maintained professional relationships with Detectives and Officers from law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. These relationships offer him the connections needed to find success in his work as a licensed private investigator.

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe is a Licensed California Private Investigator, No. 29151, and maintains an active Concealed Carry Weapons (CCW) Permit with the Los Angeles Police Department.  

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe will professionally evaluate your case to ascertain if you do in fact need a licensed private investigator.  First, Mr. DeFoe will provide an initial free evaluation of your matter and discuss options and recommendations for your consideration.  In addition, Mr. DeFoe will discuss the scope of services and estimated costs associated with his services.  If your matter is outside Mr. DeFoe’s areas of expertise, he will be sure to recommend you to a highly qualified colleague. 

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe will report all findings directly to you or your designee, whether verbally, in a detailed report, or both.   If surveillance is necessary, Mr. DeFoe will ensure the investigation is safe and complies with all laws and regulations of the respective state. 

Mr. Scott A. DeFoe and his team of retired law enforcement and security professionals will provide the below-listed services:


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